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Elena Sommers is a known historical novelist and children’s story writer, who rights thrilling and captivating fairy tales for kids and historical novels for the adult audience. Her books for the children are about: Kings, Queens, princesses, forces of nature, fairies, gnomes, goblins and elves. Each story has enchanted objects for instance: magic stones, flying broomsticks, invisibility elixirs, teleportation taxis or a wishing fish. Her enchanted children’s books encourage young readers to dive into the magical worlds of fairy tales and experience the enchantments of reading. Elena writes charming and colourful children’s stories that are sure to capture the imagination of their readers.

Mainly based in Philiphia, a land of her own creation, Elena’s books are full of adventures involving princesses, fairies, elves, goblins and castles. Children are the main characters in all her stories and each book has a strong moral thread entwined throughout the story. The novels for the adult audience contain love, hate, sex, murder, war, intrigues and treachery in the past centuries between the characters in her books, keeping the reader on the edge of a chair to read on and find out more. In our challenging economic situation, books cost less than £10 and can make a fantastic birthday present for a child or a grownup.

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About the author

Elena Sommers is a partially-sighted author who has loved writing since she was a little girl. On this page we invite you to read all about the author and her work. Elena was first inspired to put pen to paper by legendary writers such as Philip Pullman, J. K. Rowling, Leo Tolstoy and Pushkin. Born in the picturesque city of St Petersburg and growing up among the magnificent, baroque-style castles in the surrounding area, Elena received inspiration for her writing from an early age. Later as an adult, she visited the gorgeous Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and Aspen house, further deepening her interest.

Over 20 years ago, she relegated from St Petersburg to Fleet Hampshire, got married, and had her two children has been born there. Now they are teenagers. Then, she moved to Fareham Portchester. The ancient castle there inspires her to write.

Elena’s Ukrainian relatives are fighting in current Ukrainian-Russian conflict. They are determined to win it.

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